Like the wave of a magic wand,

knowing the mythic heritage of a place

can re-enchant the landscape.

Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, has been described as a paradise. The Key to Mythic Victoria unlocks the secret to deciphering the identity of this island town. Its myths and the symbols are profiled to reveal a context that serves to re-enchant the landscape.

From the distant past when Hayls the Transformer changed the landscape through the more recent past when explorers searched for the mythical Straits of Anián and discovered southern Vancouver Island to the present day, the myths surrounding Victoria bring it to life in the imaginations of the people.

The book tells about the cryptic Cadborosaurus, the Vancouver Island Mermaid, the reflecting pool at Mystic Vale, the fairy tale castles, and the symbols from the Victorian era – plainly in sight but unseen – and over 50 more mythic tales.